About We Run Legacy

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Our mission is

“To provide a fun and safe environment for all of our runners and to promote a healthy lifestyle.”

We Run Legacy is a run group located in North Dallas. We are a group of volunteers who truly enjoy giving back. We also coordinate community service events, donation drives, and raise awareness to various issues that affect our communities (autism, lupus, domestic violence, etc.) We want to help you achieve your running goals in an environment where you will also meet amazing people! Our goal is to provide a fun and safe environment for all of our runners.
Runners of all abilities are welcomed. Come out and join us every Monday and Wednesday at 8:15pm the run starts promptly at 8:30pm.

Run for
your health

Healthy Mind, Healthy Body, Healthy Living!! There are quite a few benefits to be gained from running. Some benefits include improved health, prevention of diseases, weight loss, stress relief, and it can help with the symptoms of depression.

our leaders

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Amadou Njie

School Attended: Kentucky State University
Degree: BS in Computer Science
Day Job: Network Engineer
Music genre in his running playlist: Hip-Hop

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Jessica Webb

School Attended: Southern Methodist University
Degree: BS Electrical Engineering, BS Math
Day Job: Network Engineer
Music genre in her running playlist: NeoSoul, Jazz, Electronica, and Hip-Hop

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Elston Cawley

School Attended: University of Texas at Arlington
Degree: BS Information Systems
Day Job: Systems Engineer
Music genre in his running playlist: Reggae, Hip-Hop

Want to Join?

We run every Monday and Wednesday we meet at 8:15pm and take off at 8:30pm.
It's FREE!! Really!! All you need to do is show up!!

& Disclaimers

  • First Time runners

    All first time runners must run with someone who has already run the route. We do this to prevent anyone getting lost.

  • Always stay with the group

    For your safety we encourage all runners to try to stay with the group at all times and look out for each other.

  • Stay on the sidewalk

    When running, please try to run on the sidewalk as much as possible. If you have to run in the street please stay alert and be aware of your sorroundings. Try to stay out of the street as much as possible.

  • Be VERY careful when crossing streets

    When approaching an intersection, please make sure the path is clear. If there is a car there, make sure the driver sees you before you attempt to cross. Safety first!.

  • Be Responsible

    You are responsible for your safety when running with the group always use common sense and be aware of your sorroundings while running.

  • Have Fun

    Ultimately we want all runners to come out and enjoy the runs. If you have any concerns, please contact one of the leaders.

  • Cross streets and driveways in front of vehicles - never behind them

    Do not cross between parked vehicles or vehicles waiting at traffic signals. Parked cars create a visual barrier that makes it hard for other road users to spot crossing pedestrians. Avoid this dangerous situation by locating a safe crossswalk to cross in front of cars.

  • Look both ways before crossing a street.

    Look left, right, and left again to ensure a safe crossing. Be especially aware of turning vehicles.

  • At signalized intersections, cross only when the signal indicates it is safe to do so.

    Steady hand: Don't cross! Do not enter the roadway. Yield to vehicles until the "walk" sign appears.
    Flashing or counting down hand: Do not start! Do not enter the roadway; finish crossing if you've already started
    Walk signal: Start crossing, Be sure to look both ways before entering the roadway.

  • Make eye contact with drivers before crossing streets.

    Be sure that a driver acknowledges your presence to ensure a safe crossing.

  • Be seen while walking in the dark.

    Wear reflective materials and white or bright colors at night to increase visibility. Avoid dark clothing when possible.

  • Be Alert.

    Be aware of other vehicles and predict movements of drivers and pedestrians. Anticipate turning movements and open car doors to avoid collisions.